Roberope ist ein vier Meter langes Seil mit fünf integrierten, aber doch frei verschiebbaren Haken, dass Jacken, Taschen, Kleidern, Mützen und Bügeln einen Platz bietet. Dazu wird das in vier Farben erhältliche Seil einfach an einer passenden Stelle angeknotet, fertig. Gerade weil die Idee so wunderbar einfach und das Produkt minimalistisch ist, funktioniert Roberope quasi überall.

Link: Roberope

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    […] Roberope Ring Ruler Free up the time to focus on being creative by increasing the accuracy and consistency of tasks where repetitive measuring and marking are required. Use Versa Ruler™ to form dimensional grids, create geometric art, patterns and mandalas— and scale unlimited amount of shapes quickly, accurately, and <i>enjoyably </i>. The sliding + rotating protractors allow you to work effortlessly in one-, two- and three-point perspective— with the on-the-fly ability to resize any configuration by adding or removing sides and angles. Turn any surface into an advanced drafting machine that outperforms even the most expensive drafting tables. ** By connecting straight edges to create a track, multiple sliding connection points can move laterally, and multiple "rails" can be laid down (clamped) along table ends to create as simple or as intricate a system as is desired. […]

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