Lienehuis – BUM


Lienehuis – BUM

BUM ist inspiriert von aufblasbaren Gegenständen und der Hocker von Evelien Stamhuis wirkt ein wenig, wie ein kleines Lebewesen. Vermutlich werden Kinder diesen Entwurf lieben. Die Handarbeit verleiht jedem BUM seine ganz eigene Persönlichkeit, dabei muß man allerdings wirklich nicht auf Sitzkomfort verzichten.

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    I saw your article on notcot! I have too 2 articles on Notcot in the first page!
    By the way, I love this artwork and I think i’ll write an article on this artist!

  • […] At first glance, you will definitely have a hard time to recognize. To give you a idea, what you see is a seating instrument called the Stool BUM. It is a furniture inspired by numerous inflatable forms available in the market today. The Stool BUM is handmade and is filled with hard foam padding. For our kids, this will definitely be a cool and fun stuffed toy and cushioned seating in one. However, for grown-ups like us, this would look like something that we would get uncomfortable of using. Many will definitely find it a good piece of home décor than a piece of furniture. -via […]

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